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“An amazing 8-page supplement that resulted in close to $100,000 in donations within three weeks!”

To share the story and progress of Joshua’s House for the terminally ill homeless in our community, we turned to the News & Review team, Jeff vonKaenel, Elizabeth Morabito and Michelle Carl in particular, and they provided unbelievable support and guidance in terms of story lines and a coherent theme. They conducted all the interviews, took the photographs — they did all the work under our guidance and the result was an amazing 8-page supplement that resulted in close to $100,000 in donations within three weeks! We will continue to use the supplement to create greater awareness and increased community support of Joshua’s House — the first such facility on the West Coast!

Marlene M. von Friederichs-Fitzwater, Ph.D., MPH,

Founder/Executive Director

Joshua's House

Brent Martz

Pastor of Creative Communications

Friends Church, Orange County

“My overall experience with Sacramento News and Review team was entirely positive.”

Dear Sacramento News and Review Staff,

I would like to thank the Sacramento News and Review staff for two education and outreach publications created for First 5 Sacramento.

Sacramento News and Review staff created efficient timelines and deadlines to help us stay on track and they went to work writing and designing an amazing publication called Oral Health Begins at Birth which surpassed our expectations.

Coordinating and working with many different agencies can be a challenging task, but the Sacramento News and Review team handled it very well as evidenced by the final product. Producing a bilingual publication for the Spanish speaking families in rural California was central to outreach.

The two publications were and continue to be used in telling the First 5 story and educating families about child development. Sacramento News and Review was also able help distribute copies to schools and libraries and insert into other community newspapers in our region.

My overall experience with Sacramento News and Review team was entirely positive. The staff understood our goals on the creative side and delivered a great product to our community on the production side. I appreciate their ability to take a complicated story and make it understandable and fun to read in a cost effective way.

Erin Maurie

Communications Media Officer

First 5 Sacramento Commission

“The insert looks fantastic!”

The insert looks fantastic! We received our copies before we headed out on break. It has received rave reviews.

I’m planning to send the insert to all of the folks working at the Capitol along with a letter about the importance of adult education to advocate for continued funding for adult education in California. Perfect timing as the Governor is getting ready to announce his plan for the Weighted Student Formula.

Thank you, and I hope to have an opportunity to work together again someday.


Karen Malkiewicz

Principal, Elk Grove Unified School District

“I am immensely pleased with how it has turned out!”

I want to thank you for coming up with the concept for Visions’ advertorial newspaper insert for the Sacramento News & Review. I am immensely pleased with how it has turned out! I wanted to share with you that the team involved with this project at SN&R did a really great job of tapping into what it means to be a part of our high school Directed Studies program at Visions. Thank you again for all the effort that you put into making this happen and I look forward to further projects with SN&R.

Jody Graf, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Visions In Education

“The whole planning process was great - SN&R was very helpful and intuitive.”

Here are some of my thoughts about the CARES pamphlet...

  • We were able to get an important message out to the readers of SN&R about HIV and STD, which hasn’t been done in such a large format.
  • We received a $5,000 donation the day the pamphlet was on the streets.
  • We were able to distribute the pamphlet to people attending the 2012 Sacramento Gay Pride Festival.
  • We have thousands of extra copies set aside for the public to request for their own use.
  • Education will also help eliminate the stigma that unfortunately comes with HIV/AIDS and STDs.
  • The whole planning process was great – SN&R was very helpful and intuitive.

Jon Benorden

Program Manager for the Strategic Initiative for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention, CARES

“If you are interested in a creative experience that ends with high quality results … give [N&R] a call.”

As we strive to strategically grow our brand and reach new markets, Sacramento News & Review was able to support our marketing team by creating a non-traditional custom publication. Segments of this creative publication were issued to the public each week leading into the Fair, allowing readers to take a deeper look - almost "behind the scenes" at the State Fair. With the help of key partners like the News & Review, we were able to achieve an 8% increase in total attendance, seeing more than 750,000 visitors over our 17-day State Fair. For the first time in more than 10 years, State Fair attendance levels exceeded 70,000 visitors on four separate days. Additionally, the California State Fair became the most "liked" Fair in the Western United States on Facebook with a new fan level of 108,196 Likes. The News & Review team was able to capture many of the things that make State Fair "the best!" Their knowledgeable staff created content, designed and managed the project, while balancing the expectation of our team with the preferences of their readers. As the winner of the 2013 IAFE Multipage Publication Award, you can imagine our appreciation of the great work of the News & Review team. If you are interested in a creative experience that ends with high quality results, we would highly recommend you give them a call.

Rick K. Pickering

Chief Executive Officer

California Exposition & State Fair

“A very cost-effective marketing strategy.”

I’m so excited to have this opportunity to share with you some of the VERY positive outcomes that have occurred due to the publishing of our 50th Anniversary ABCD insert in 200,000 Boston Globes in late October... People really read it – a testament to your great writers and designers who made the content so appealing and user-friendly. Several unsolicited donations to the agency came in as a result of people learning about our programs, seeing the photos, reading the stories.

First of all, I want to say that you made the process easy!

Second, as a public relations person who spends a lot of her time “pitching” stories to news people, it was an absolute joy to be able to control the content!

Third, it is a very cost-effective marketing strategy!

Fourth, there are so many uses for this publication! It’s light-weight and the newsprint gives it a cost-effective feel. I like it much better than giving out a glossy, expensive booklet, and yet it looks so professional.

We at ABCD are very grateful for the opportunity to work with you and look forward to more collaborations in the future!


Susan Kooperstein

Vice President for External Affairs

Action for Boston Community Development, Inc.

“[N&R] did a fabulous job of coordinating interviews and photographers to bring the story … to life”

I would like to thank you for the exceptional piece your team produced for adult education programs in the Sacramento region. Coordinating and working with many different agencies can be a difficult task, but your team handled it very well as is evidenced by the final product.

The whole project was and is continuing to be a success in terms of getting adult education into the limelight in our community.

My overall experience with Sacramento News & Review was entirely positive. The staff made it almost effortless on our part while they did all the hard work of taking facts, figures, information and adult education experiences and bringing them to life for the Sacramento Community to see.

Donna Rae Philp

Coordinator III

SCUSD Adult Education Sacramento

Pastor Dave

Sun Grove Church, Sacramento

The Indiana Governor's Council for People with Disabilities is absolutely delighted with the inclusion publication N&R Publications created for us. We were surprised at how painless and simple their team made the process of putting it together. They handled all of the logistics from beginning to end, starting with the creation of the publication and culminating with distribution which involved printing, delivery and inserting 270,000 copies into the nine largest newspapers in Indiana. The tone of the articles and the focus were spot on, and they were able to follow the branding of our current inclusion campaign. Their whole team was fantastic to work with and we feel it couldn't have gone any better. We are even hoping to do another publication with them next year!

Christine Dahlberg

Executive Director